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BLICKFÄNGER equals the german word for EYECATCHER, and that is what we want to offer: eyecatching, innovative and classy acts, coming from the fields of comedy and mime, for stylish events of all kinds! We mostly supply visual Comedians and professional Walking Acts.

We can also provide you with high-class Variety Entertainers and quirky Comperes. Some of our artists are that versatile, they constantly entertain the crowds verbally AND visually in various languages on a top-notch level!

Our artists -  all of them prize-acclaimed and highly experienced in performing worldwide - can be booked for corporate functions, private parties, fairs, gala & PR events as well as for street festivals.
You can book our artists with their self-contained acts as well as for themed shows.
Whether you are looking for a show-stopper to highlight your corporate function, a
full-length show or tailor-made entertainment throughout the whole event: we got it!

Learn more about the artists & shows we represent:

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Living Statues & Robot Acts at their best!
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Walking Acts for events of all kinds!
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Multilingual Mistress of Cerememonies. Witty, funny and with loads of visual acts up her sleeve
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STAGEDIVEN! - aka StageDivas!
Sassy Variety Show with an All Female Cast. Choose from over 20 high-class Variety Acts!
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Mime and Comedy for Theatre, Events and TV!
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Slapstick, Mime & Cabaret!
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Living Doll Company

The prestigious Berlin-based Living Doll Company offers Living Statues, Robot Shows and Slow-Motion-Performances at its best.

The Company's prize-acclaimed members provide varied experiences on the fields of  theatre, event and entertainment industry along with technical  virtuosity and  the seek for performative perfection. They are backed by a team of choreographers, airbrush-artists, costume, set and sound designers who all bring in their individual talents to make  each show a guaranteed success.

The Living Doll Company Berlin is performing all over Germany as well as worldwide. Our shows are best to be booked for Fairs, Gala Events, Product Presentations...and for all clients who intend to promote an image, a brand or an event in a unique and unforgettable way !
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The Berlin-based troupe WALKACTORS is an alliance of  comedians,  magicians and musicians who are specialized in the art of interactive entertainment among the audiences at events of all kind.
The artists can be booked for fairs, gala events,  corporate events, promotional events as well as social events and private parties.

For this kind of entertainment no stage, technical and sound or light system supplies are required.

WALKACTORS perform all over Germany and worldwide.

They can be booked as a single act as well as a duo, trio, quartet or up to 12 artists.
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Welcome to the world of visual and verbal comedy:
BARTUSCHKA, the ultimate slovakian Long Distance Pantomime World Champion and one of the few female comedians around, switches effortlessly between characters, genders and situations - almost faster than your laughter.

In her visual acts, the prize-acclaimed mime clown presents episodes from medieval as well as modern times and walks successfully  the thin line between poetry and grotesque.

Apart from that, BARTUSCHKA is an experienced and highly professional compere and Stand Up Comedienne, charming the audiences with her multilingual ad-lib wit and improvisational skills. Never being afraid of integrating one, two ore even more courageous spectators into her performances, she let's her coincidential co-actors shine on stage. Besides mime & clowning she also presents puppetry, quick drawing,  comedy magic and comedy juggling acts.

Bartuschka can provide a number of self-contained acts (duration 3 to 20 min) as well as  themed entertainment & infotainment . She can be booked for Theatre and Variety Shows as well as for corporate gigs, fairs, PR events and private parties.
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Mime Crime:

that's Uli Gleichmann, Joseph Sternweiler and Alexander Simon

Three award-winning mimes who enchant their audiences with unique show programs and fantastic walk acts! 

Three slapstick experts with a thing for black humour and comic body language.

And not the least: three unmistakable guys who have a ball at every performance!

The Trio offers several comedy programs based on sports and music. A crazy mix of slapstick, mime and theatre of the absurd!

SPORTS - the slightly different sport show!
Forget "Wimbledon", "The Champions League" or "Eurosport"!
Here comes "Sports" - the slightly different sports show!
Charts – the music-show!
A gentle ‘tour of destruction’ through the world of top ten, classica, hip hop and the rest!
Goal – the crazy football show!
The high-speed-comedy-programm about offside trap, free kick and back four!
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StageDiven! aka StageDivas! are staging the most audacious miXX: combining variety, theatre, cabaret acts and musical entertainment!
Having toured all over Germany as well as being a hit in Berlin, London and Madrid, StageDiven! are charming their various audiences with an All-Female-Line-up:
Sexy, sassy, smart!

Each show is unique and tailor-made according  to  our clients' needs, as the cast of 3, 4 or more performers
will be recruited from a team of over 50 international female acts, coming from various theatrical backgrounds.

StageDiven! is perfect to highlight your event, to spice up a festival or embellish a corporate function by providing glamourous entertainment from 20 min duration to full-length shows .

Each show is conceived & hosted by: BARTUSCHKA, Comedienne, Mime Clown & Mistress of Ceremonies.
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Fast Fool Theatre

The Berlin-based Fast Fool Theatre is a team of 5 mime artists, who once united their skills to provide visual entertainment at it's best. They are quick, witty, funny and full of surprising visual gags.

Fast Fool Theatre is  offering a unique mixture of Slapstick, Parody, Mime and Cabaret Entertainment.

Their 2 full-length productions as well as short shows have been shown at various events and theatre festivals in Germany and worldwide, among the Fest des Bundespräsidenten / Berlin, Chamäleon Varieté / Berlin, Festival Of Performing Arts / Shanghai, Mime Festival / Israel, Schaubudenfestival / Dresden, Fliegende Bauten / Hamburg, Internationaler Theaterherbst / Greiz

You can book Fast Fool Theatre as Duo, Trio, Quartet or Quintet.

Apart from their skills as entertainers on stage, all Fast  Fool Theatre members provide Walking Acts, Living Doll Performances, verbal entertainment & works on demand.
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Alexander Simon

Berlin-based mime Alexander Simon is one of the most versatile german artists. His repertoire contains Walking Acts in various characters, show acts as well as work on demand & themed entertainment.

Coming from a traditional background in modern and contemporary mime, he continuously expanded his spectrum of performative skills and is now successfully working aso as comedian, actor and compere.

His range of potential assignment is nearly unlimited: Alexander Simon is providing his mime skills at fairs, corporate functions as well as weddings. He performs as Comical waiter, Comical Photographer and crazy janitor at gala events of all kinds. Apart from that, he travels the world, being a member of several mime-troupes.

Alexander Simon, who can be watched as mime, living doll artist or actors in several TV and movie productions, is performing all over Germany as well as worldwide. Within the last decade he has been booked for more than 1000 various events, among them shows in Japan, China, Spain, South Korea and Marokko.

You can book Alexander Simon from Berlin for your event - as mime, Comedy Walk Act or in several characters, highlighting your evening. Your guests will be delighted!